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Mam Account Brokers

MAM Account Overview

MAM stands for Multi-Account Manager, and it enables fund managers to efficiently manage multiple sub-accounts using a single master account.
The Vantage MAM account enables fund managers to trade Forex, Indices, Shares, Commodities, and more using CFDs on behalf of their clients. Multi-Account Managers are rewarded through commissions on their clients' trades, performance fees, and management fees.
This arrangement offers clients the opportunity to benefit from having their accounts managed by Vantage-authorised traders.

How Does MAM Work?

The MAM account enables prorated profit-sharing and sophisticated fund allocation for various trading strategies. It is well-suited for seasoned traders who prefer active involvement in investment decisions and fund allocation across different trading strategies.

# active involvement in investment decisions

# fund allocation across different trading strategies.

Vantage provides top-tier infrastructure for money managers who recognise the significance of partnering with an established, award-winning broker.

The widespread popularity of the Vantage MAM account is a testament to its outstanding reputation among money managers worldwide.

pamm work

Why do You Choose a MAM

A MAM account consists of a master account controlled by the trader or money manager, accompanied by linked sub-accounts managed by individual investors. One of the key advantages of a MAM trading account is the ability to automatically execute trades across multiple client accounts simultaneously and seamlessly.

When a trade is executed on the master account, it is instantly replicated on all eligible sub-accounts, resulting in significant time savings, improved efficiency, and reduced chances of errors. Furthermore, MAM accounts, offered by regulated brokers, provide traders with high flexibility through options to customize allocation percentages, group sub-accounts, and make adjustments to accommodate various trading strategies for each sub-account.

8 Reasons to Start Using
Vantage MAM Account

  • Reasons

    The minimum trade volume is used to ensure optimal trade allocation

  • Reasons

    Equity is allocated via a standardised allocation method

  • Reasons

    Master accounts have access to STP and instant allocation

  • Reasons

    Master accounts have partial order close, pending order functionality, full SL and TP

  • Reasons

    Every trading style is allowed, including scalping and hedging

  • Reasons

    Customisable rewards, fees and commissions

  • Reasons

    EA trading is allowed for MAM Masters

  • Reasons

    Real-time order management, including instant addition and removal of funds

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MAM Account

  • 1

    What is a MAM account?

    A MAM account, which stands for Multi-Account Manager, refers to an account that enables professional traders or money managers to manage multiple sub-accounts through a single master account. This account type is frequently employed in forex trading, where trades executed on the master account are automatically replicated across all linked sub-accounts. This arrangement offers several benefits, including efficient trade execution, flexibility in allocation percentages, and the ability to accommodate diverse trading strategies for each sub-account.

  • 2

    Are MAM accounts legit?

    Yes, investing in MAM accounts is a legitimate option for investors. MAM accounts are offered by forex brokers. It is essential to choose a broker with a solid reputation and proper regulatory oversight to ensure the security and transparency of your investments.

  • 3

    What are the benefits of MAM account?

    For partners that are managing accounts on behalf of their clients, the MAM account will allow them to manage all the client´s accounts simultaneously from the same platform and distribute the profits or losses between the various accounts according to the Account Manager´s risk management choices, instead of having to manage the client´s accounts one by one in case they are not using a MAM account.

  • 4

    How do I withdraw money from my MAM account?

    The performance fee is calculated at the end of each trading interval (monthly, weekly, etc.). Once the trading interval is concluded, the performance fee is credited to the Fund Manager's Vantage IB wallet. The Fund Manager can then initiate the withdrawal process by submitting a withdrawal request through the Vantage portal.

  • 5

    What is the difference between MAM and PAMM account?

    MAM and PAMM accounts differ in terms of fund allocation and management. In a PAMM account, a trader makes investment decisions for a pooled fund, with profits and losses distributed among investors based on their allocated percentages. In a MAM account, a manager trades proportionally across individual accounts, allowing investors to maintain control and customize their risk preferences.

    Learn more about the differences between the two accounts here.

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