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Grow your business with Vantage Partners and enjoy unrivalled earning potential

Who we are

We are an award-winning, multi-asset broker headquartered in Sydney, with over 10 years of market experience. Servicing clients in 178 countries, we are there to support you in your trading journey.

Our Vantage ecosystem is not just a place for you to trade financial assets, but also a place for you to learn, explore and connect with other like-minded traders.

At Vantage, we hold ourselves to the highest regulatory and security standards so you can trade through us with absolute peace of mind.

About Vantage Partner Programs

Since its inception, Vantage partners has grown into one of the largest and most rewarding partnership programs in the industry. Each month, we pay out an increasing amount of CPA and rebates to our huge network of successful Affiliate Partners and Introducing Brokers (IBs) from across the globe.

We pride ourselves in our ability to become the broker of choice for institutional and retail traders. We also provide customised solutions for institutional traders, including hedge funds, family offices, banks, brokers, and asset managers.

Why Become a Vantage Partner

More than $5 Million In Monthly Payouts

Up to 15 Languages Supported

Community of 20,000+ Affiliates and IBs

More than $200 Billion Monthly Traded Volume

It's time to partner with a market leader.
Join an ever-growing number of Affiliates and IBs to claim your share of industry-leading CPA payouts and IB rebates today.

How to Become a Vantage Partner

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    Sign Up

    Join one of the largest global multi-asset brokers and choose from our popular programs: CPA or IB.

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    Refer Clients

    Grow your affiliate or referral business when you refer new clients to Vantage.

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    Earn More

    Earn industry-leading CPA and revenue from referrals and their trading activities.

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