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7 Tips to Turbocharge Your Crypto Affiliate Success in 2024 


7 Tips to Turbocharge Your Crypto Affiliate Success in 2024 
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7 Tips to Turbocharge Your Crypto Affiliate Success in 2024 

Vantage Updated Updated Wed, 7 December 2022 08:19

Crypto affiliate programs are a popular marketing tool used by cryptocurrency trading platforms to promote their projects and tokens.  

Just like regular affiliate marketing, crypto affiliate programs work with independent affiliate partners, who then carry out various marketing and promotions activities on the behalf of the trading platform.  

Affiliate partners are entitled to a commission for every customer they refer to the crypto trading platform. Sometimes, specific actions may be required to be completed by the customer (such as making a top-up, completing a certain number of trades within a given time, etc) before the commission is granted.  

Give your crypto affiliate journey a boost in 2023 with these seven tips. 

Why join a Crypto Affiliate Program 

Affiliate partners that sign up with crypto affiliate programs can aim to generate an additional stream of income. Such programs offer a way for affiliate partners to monetise their audience, while introducing new products and services to the crypto community.  

Besides the income potential, crypto affiliate programs are also ideal for those who want to be at the forefront of the fast-moving crypto sector, gaining exposure to the newest tokens, projects, trends and developments.  

Perhaps most compelling is the fact that crypto – for all its growing pains – attracts and retains a passionate fanbase, offering an ideal starting point for crypto affiliate partners. 

7 Ways Crypto Affiliates can improve their results in 2023  

Foster trustworthiness 

Let’s face it, 2022 has not been a great year for crypto. Between the Terra Luna collapse, 3 Arrows Capital going bankrupt, and what looks increasingly like fraud on the part of FTX, crypto has been driven into a deep, dark winter [1]

If the tumultuous history of crypto is anything to go by, crypto fans may not be giving up yet. Instead, it is likely that many are still looking for a bright spot amidst the gloom, something to believe in.   

That is why now more than ever, crypto affiliates need to foster trustworthiness on the platforms and tokens that they are promoting. 

You don’t have to start policing the cryptocurrency space, but you do have to be discerning about what trading platforms you choose to promote. You should do as much research and due diligence as possible, and only stick with established brokerages that treat customers fairly.  

Another great way to distinguish yourself as a trustworthy crypto affiliate is through collaborations or guest posts with well-respected crypto influencers and content creators. This can improve your reputation in the eyes of your own audience, while raising your visibility in the crypto space. 

Provide exclusive perks 

Not all crypto affiliate programs allow this, but if they do, be sure to strive for exclusive perks for your audience. 

Offering unique and exclusive perks is a great way to stand out from the crowd. Additionally, it also creates a rewarding experience for your leads and fosters a positive feedback loop, ultimately encouraging more clients to sign up through you. However, you are encouraged to check with your affiliate programs provider or the relevant industrial authorities to ensure that offering perks is not in violation of any applicable local laws and regulations. 

Create great content 

Content is an important driver of affiliate marketing. It is what attracts eyeballs and brings traffic to your site.  

Hence, it makes sense to focus on creating great content. Ensure that the content you create and publish boosts professional polish, as content that looks unreliable, with typos and errors, or has low production values will likely turn your audience off, causing you to miss out on potential leads.  

In fact, you should consider learning the basics of content marketing, including how to use different online channels to amplify your content, and how to develop a sound content strategy to build your audience. 

It may take a little bit of trial-and-error to arrive at the exact mix of style, format and topics that work for you, but the results will more than likely be worth it.   

Track your traffic 

Tracking and understanding where your traffic is coming from (and going to) is important; doing so will allow you to tweak your crypto affiliate marketing campaign and improve your results.  

The data will tell you what’s working and what isn’t, so you can better realign your efforts, or provide hints on new directions to try.  

For this reason, it is crucial that the crypto affiliate program you join offers a robust suite of tracking tools that can capture the data you need. This is also important in providing clear and accurate tracking of your conversions. 

Optimise your conversion funnel  

Besides tracking your traffic, you should also consistently optimise your conversion funnel. Afterall, there is no point driving traffic to your affiliate link only for your leads to bounce away.  

This means having professional-looking landing pages and sign-up forms, ensuring low page loading times, not being too spammy, and adhering to web and online best practices. You should also conduct regular tests and tweaks to constantly optimise your conversion funnel. 

Here, too, your crypto affiliate program has an important role to play. The best crypto affiliate programs offer professionally created online assets with proven high conversion rates, which is crucial in encouraging your leads to actually sign up.  

These may include attention-grabbing banners, well-written EDMs, compelling landing pages with clear calls to action, and a seamlessly integrated sign-up process. 

Invest in ads 

Generally speaking, online ads are one of the best ways to raise awareness and bring in leads and traffic. Hence, consider setting aside a budget for digital ads on Google or leading social media platforms – especially if you’re just starting out on your crypto affiliate journey. 

While they can be effective, online ads can also quickly become expensive, resulting in your cost-of-acquisition getting too high, or even outstripping your affiliate earnings from those leads your ads convert. 

The key is to constantly monitor the performance of your ad campaigns, retarget your ads when necessary, and keep a close eye on how much you are spending on ads. Experiment with different daily ad budgets, audience parameters, and ad designs until you hit a sweet spot.  

Have a website 

Some may think that in the age of social media, having a website is not necessary.  

Consider that your social media channels ultimately belong to the platform they are hosted on, and a change in rules, format or even design can throw a wrench into your crypto affiliate marketing drive.  

Therefore, it is worthwhile investing in creating your own website that you can design according to your needs and preferences.  

With your own website, you have greater freedom and flexibility in what you promote, and how you go about it. Your website can also offer additional utility, such as collecting email addresses for EDM campaigns in exchange for downloadable content such as an e-book.  

Platforms such as WordPress and Wix make it possible to set up a professional-looking website in just a few clicks, with no need for website coding skills. There are myriad well-designed templates – many of them available for free – for you to pick, edit and switch out in minutes. 

Owning a website is also affordable; a basic package from WordPress starts from less than USD$4 a month [2]

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