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Best Crypto Affiliate Programs (2024): What to Look Out For


Best Crypto Affiliate Programs (2024): What to Look Out For
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Best Crypto Affiliate Programs (2024): What to Look Out For

Vantage Updated Updated Wed, 26 October 2022 08:51
Best Crypto Affiliate Programs (2024): What to Look Out For
Best Crypto Affiliate Programs

Crypto affiliate programs allow crypto enthusiasts to earn commissions for promoting cryptocurrency coins and tokens.  

The concept makes sense – you’re passionate about your favourite cryptos, and probably go about telling your friends and family about them. You may even create and publish content about crypto and talk to your fans about promising crypto projects on social media. Some may even sign up as a fellow investor after coming across your content.  

Since you’re already doing all that work, why not get paid for your time and effort? 

How does a crypto affiliate program work? 

Crypto affiliate programs work just like other traditional affiliate marketing programs. 

After enrolling as an affiliate with a crypto project, you will go about promoting the token to other crypto enthusiasts. This can be through your personal networks, your content and social media channels, or as part of the investment advisory and educational services you offer.   

When a client signs up through you (through a tracking link, referral code or other method chosen by the provider of the affiliate program) you will earn a commission.  

How much you can earn, the prerequisites for commissions to be earned, and other conditions vary according to different crypto affiliate programs; this is discussed in more detail in the following section. 

3 Different Forms of Crypto Affiliate Programs 

Crypto affiliate programs come in various forms, according to different needs and objectives. Crypto projects may offer just one type of affiliate program, or several. Here are three of the most common types you’re likely to encounter. 

Partner affiliate programs 

Also known as referral programs, partner affiliate programs have long been a mainstay in affiliate marketing. These programs owe their enduring popularity to their simplicity; you’ll earn a commission for every client you refer to the crypto project.  

There is usually no limit to how many clients you can introduce, which means you’ll keep receiving commissions as long as you keep referring clients.  

Some partner affiliate programs may pay commissions only for the initial sign-up, while others may send on a cut of the transactions made by your referral within a specific time period or a particular campaign. For the latter method, there may or may not be a cap on how much commissions you can earn.  

Cost-per-action (CPA) programs 

Crypto affiliate programs utilising a CPA model are usually deployed to accomplish specific objectives. Examples include driving new account sign-ups, participating in new products and services, or increasing holdings of particular crypto coins and tokens.  

As its name suggests, you earn a commission when your referrals complete a set of specified actions with the crypto project you represent. Such commissions are usually paid only once per referral. 

CPA affiliate programs offered on individual marketing campaigns may be shorter-lived than other lifetime crypto affiliate programs. But the limited duration of the campaign, and the one-time nature of the payout, may mean higher commissions per action completed.  

This means that CPA affiliate programs could potentially offer lucrative affiliate earnings over a focused span of time.  

Introducer affiliate programs 

Introducer affiliate programs are high-level schemes that are geared towards content creators, influencers, or educators.  

This type of crypto affiliate program focuses on bridging the gap in knowledge among investors interested in crypto but are wary of jumping in due to lack of understanding on how crypto projects work.  

Introducer affiliate programs may have stricter qualifying criteria, such as a certain number of active followers or viewers of your content channels. In return, introducer affiliate programs may offer customised commission plans and rebate structures. 

How to choose the best crypto affiliate programs in 2023 

Now that you understand how crypto affiliate programs work, and the possible forms they may take, you may be wondering how to pick the best crypto affiliate programs out of all the different ones out there.  

Well, it ultimately comes down to your personal preferences – after all, you probably won’t be motivated to promote a crypto project that you don’t believe in.  

Still, there are some features and characteristics that can signal which crypto affiliate programs are worth looking into in 2023, such as the following. 

Trustworthy, properly audited crypto project 

First and foremost, you’ll want to ensure that you’re partnering with a crypto project that is trustworthy, and has been properly audited to screen out risks.  

As an affiliate program partner, your reputation is everything. Your referrals trust your endorsement, and are at least partially influenced by you to sign up for the crypto projects you are promoting.  

Inadvertently promoting a fraudulent or scam project would be disastrous for your credibility and affect your ability to earn commissions on other projects, or invite personal repercussions such as stalking or lawsuits. 

A trusted and supportive trading platform 

The trading platform that is integrated with the crypto affiliate program has to be a reputable one. The support provided by the program and the trading platform is also important.  

Sometimes, the need for the customer support could be urgent as the crypto markets move quickly and waiting for days could have financial consequences. That’s why it is important to look into the reputation and the customer support service that is provided by the trading platform. 

Clear and transparent payout structure 

A solid crypto affiliate program should have a clear and transparent payout structure, which will help you gauge how much commissions you can reasonably expect to earn.  

Additionally, a clear understanding of the commission structure will also help you determine where you should focus your efforts, and how you can optimise your referral process.  

This will, in turn, help you find ongoing success, allowing your affiliate program to grow into a sustainable, long-term partnership. When you join Vantage CPA Program, the commissions you earn will normally be reflected immediately on your account. 

Fair and reasonable commissions offered 

High commissions are undoubtedly attractive, and the fierce competition in the crypto sector means that large payouts aren’t completely unheard of. However, be wary when offered commissions that seem to be too good to be true.  

Such crypto projects could be trying to churn through as many clients as possible by offering exceedingly high commissions to entice more affiliates to drive referrals, laying the groundwork for a potential cash grab. 

Of course, not every case of high commissions is necessarily suspicious. But it’s worth considering that if a crypto project is burning through capital quickly, the chances of long-term, sustainable growth (and hence, steady affiliate commissions) may be reduced.  

For example, the Vantage CPA Program will be able to offer you a commission of up to $800* when your qualified referred clients deposit a minimum of $500 and traded at least 2 lots. 

An example of the calculation is as below:  

Earning = $800 x 50 clients = $ 40,000 

Growing customer base 

Another sign to look out for is whether the crypto project offering the affiliate program has a customer base that is steadily growing.  

If, despite an active affiliate program or other efforts, the number of clients or Total Value Locked (TVL) is stagnating or declining, it means that referrals aren’t convinced to stay invested in the crypto project. 

This could indicate serious underlying problems, such as failure to deliver promised features or products, predatory practices, poor customer service, or other shady going-ons. 

In such cases, it is unlikely for the crypto project to continue development, leading to lower commissions or even termination of affiliate programs altogether.  

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